Preschool for Child Rights™ I About Us

Preschool for Child Rights™ works towards upholding ‘Child Rights’ in Preschool settings like Preschool, School, Play School, Child Care, day Care, Family based Care, Nursery, Kindergarten, etc.

Preschool for Child Rights™ is the volunteer’s movement to evolve India into a nation working on the Principles of ‘Early Childhood Education and Care – ECCE’ and formulate its all laws, regulations, strategies and policies on the well researched and established International Practices and also as per vision envisaged by UNESCO, UNCRC, UNICEF and laid in its Articles, Policies and Guidelines.

Preschool for Child Rights™ achieves its objective through spreading awareness, standing up for ’causes’ related to the Children of age groups from Zero Years to 8 years and addressing various ills by providing appropriate solutions like Curriculum, Resources and Training.

Preschool for Child Rights™ works towards strong social objective of making parents and preschools aware about high quality Preschool Education, Preschool Curriculum and also make it available.

Preschool For Child Rights™ is committed towards removing educational ills and addressing educational issues with all Preschool settings.

Preschool for Child Rights™ has primarily and significantly two fold objectives

One, To Inculcate a sense of responsibility among the Parents for the protection of the Constitutional and the Legal rights of the children.

Two, To guide and help different Preschools and Schools with such an educationally, intellectually and spiritually strong curriculum so that the exercise of the right of the children can be scrupulously honoured by enabling ‘our child’ to enjoy the childhood and by granting him an opportunity to grow physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually and culturally – with a spirit of inquiry and reform – in such a way so that he can continuously improve his excellence as a useful citizen, as enjoined in the Fundamental Duties, Part IVA of The Constitution of India and to contribute further for the protection of our democracy and our humanity.

We are devoted to fulfilling the promise of high quality education for every child. In that spirit, we took this initiative to start the movement: Preschool for Child Rights™.


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Mission : Make Each Preschool a Great Preschool™
Objective : Support Teachers Teach and Children Learn™


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