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Preschool For Child Rights™ Topic : The Solution

Among Preschool (Early Childhood Care and Education – ECCE) stakeholders, Preschool For Child Rights™ works as a civil Society.

Preschool ecosystem continuously faces several challenges.

Preschool (Early Childhood Care and Education) ecosystem in India needs a major reconstruction and evolution. Preschool For Child Rights™ works to bring major improvements in the preschool settings and entire preschool ecosystem.

Preschool For Child Rights™ innovates and comes up with solutions to help each preschool stakeholder to counter such challenges.

Preschool For Child Rights™ believes in awareness campaign, conferences, debates, discussions, but moreover, we also focus on bringing solutions which will help stakeholders to contribute effectively. With such a solution minded philosophy, Preschool For Child Rights™ also works in the areas of Curriculum, Training, Materials, End to End Support, Handholding, Building Low Cost Support system, Low Cost Equipment and Materials, and many more would come in future depending upon the challenges.

Preschool For Child Rights™ supports Low Cost Preschools and Charity based preschools with Free Curricular Support and Training so that even not so economically privileged parents, can also give their child the best ECCE services.

  • Awareness
  • Causes
  • Curriculum
  • Training
  • Materials
  • End to End Support
  • Hand-holding
  • Building Low Cost Support system
  • Free Support to Charity Schools
  • Low Cost Equipment and Materials

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